Our approach

How we can help



Media training

We’ll use our wealth of journalistic experience to help you understand better how the media works and how working with journalists can help your company, including finding out what journalists want from you, why a story is newsworthy, and how to get across your key messages in the form of memorable quotes that journalists and the audience will remember.


Also, we can help you to deal with hostile questioning and being door-stepped. We can tailor a half-day training session to your individual needs, including face-to-face or telephone interviews and can arrange for interviews to be filmed.


Strategic consultancy

In a world of “me-too” firms we can help you to stand out from the crowd and sharpen your message to key stakeholders, such as lenders, investors, key business partners and staff. At a time when it has never been more important to emphasise and communicate your unique merits, we can help you craft your image through helping you write and produce prospectuses, presentations, business plans and key pitches.


Crisis management

If the worse happens we can help you to navigate your way through the stormy media waters with the minimum of fuss and with your brand and business intact.



Building a strong and positive image for your firm will reap long-term benefits for the business and its staff. But it can be a time-consuming task for senior management, especially for smaller firms. We can lift this burden from you by providing fast and efficient copy writing, from ghostwriting columns and opinion pieces for the media, to helping you pen your Chairman or CEO letters to shareholders in annual reports, provide Q&As and interviews for company websites, as well as helping you produce research reports and studies.